Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jimmy Danko + spray paint...

Jimmy Danko + spray paint + xacto knife + holidays + war =

On my first visit to Buenos Aires before moving here, one of the things that intrigued me most was the frequency at which the city's artistic, social and political voices were represented on the streets. I would argue that graffiti exists more as part of the culture here, rather than completely independent as it's own sub-culture. All around street lamps, over passes and construction sites are covered with political propaganda and/or advertising, while barrios like Palermo Soho and San Telmo are tagged densely by artists whose messages span the gamut.

While I've been pasting my gorilla sticker anywhere and everywhere since we got here, it's not the same as busting out a can of spray paint, and after living here 5 months I've been starting to get the itch. What finally tipped the scales was a conversation I had a couple of weeks ago my friend "DOTS". He said he would make a pact with me that if I started tagging Buenos Aires he would simultaneously start tagging in Milwaukee.


So yesterday morning, just before sunrise and with Annie as my partner in crime (photographer/lookout), I found a couple of dilapidated structures for my paint to dance on.

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Jen said...

love it! More please :)

Anonymous said...

Spaniard approves, BUT shouldn't you be tagging in Spanish, instead of American empire english ?

Jimmy Danko said...

Great question 'Anonymous'. If Argentina was my home country, and it had been at war for almost 6 years for reasons I didn't understand, I would have tagged in Spanish.

Spaniard said...

Spaniard unApproves

brad said...

Jimbee: the B.A. obelisk. The Washington Monument has a color change not too far up from the base. yes, I was there during construction, did some rubble action. but I only heard they had a change of quarry stone, resulting in color change. ? the obelisk may look like the thing in U.S. but what is the history? if it is a US copy, to copy it properly, a color change is in order. Thinkings?