Wednesday, April 8, 2009

International Postal Love

International post office.
Package from my Mom waits for me.

A two-train subway ride away.
I eat my Wheaties (oatmeal),

and make the ride.

Morning rush hour.
Packed like sardines.

Then a walk.

4 more blocks.
Past sidewalk vendors.

There's a sale.

Sandals. Maté. Empanadas.

Past train station.

People everywhere.

I tag a gorilla sticker.

Past bus station.
I arrive to my postal line.

30 people ahead of me.

The waiting begins.

An hour passes
I graduate to another line.

Times slows,
and another hour passes.
I graduate again.

This time with a Masters in Line-ology,

And Dying Slow-ology.
I second guess my Spanish.
Maybe I shouldn't be waiting.

No I should be.

Everyone is.

It's how we roll here.
I start noticing little things.

The postal uniform is a white labcoat.

The AC is on.

And the doors are open.

And it's not hot outside.
Hey, that guy's missing a leg.

Why didn't I bring more food?

Or a flask.

I'm the tallest person in the building.

What if I die here.

Better carve my name in the wall.

Dank was here 2009.

Then, just before I lose consciousness,

my number is called.

The one that been on loop in my head.

Nueve, seis, ocho, dos, cinco, ocho.

The glorious exchange is made.

45 minutes later I'm home.

With care package in hand.

And not dead.

This Sunday we engage in a welcome reprieve from the city. An escape from all the lines, people and fast paced energy that the concrete is home to. Ahead of us is a 20 day excursion consisting of a two week voyage around Cape Horn, and a week long journey by bus over the Andes and across the Argentine plains. I have no clue what we will all see and do, but that's kind of the point - fresh air and the unknown.

FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH: About a week ago I woke up to see this sunrise in the East and simultaneous double full rainbow in the West. One of those moments where the Earth makes you smile. I grabbed my camera, shot some consecutive frames, and spliced them together. I thought they were worth sharing. Check 'em out.


Currently Reading:
The Thor comic book and book of Rudyard Kipling poems that my Mom put in the care package

Currently Listening To:
Song: Reaching For Light
Lizzie West


Anonymous said...

Moms rock!

We miss you Jimmy, have fun on the voyage.

Matt and Jenn from SD

Jimmy Danko said...

Moms are awesome. Miss you guys too.