Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Southern Loop - Day 6 - Puerto Madryn, Argentina

On April 12th, 2009 we left Buenos Aires on a 20 day journey that would take us on a voyage around the southern tip of South America (Cape Horn) to Valparaiso, Chile, followed by a bus ride over the Andes, through Mendoza, Argentina and back to Buenos Aires...a "southern loop". The following is some of the things I saw on Day 6.


Puerto Madryn

Economy car rental.
150 km into Patagonia.
Bouncing, ripping down gravel roads.
Punta Norte or bust.
Dust storm visibility.
Stones flying.
Sheep spying.
All on an empty tank stomach.
Need food.
Pit stop halfway,
in a half-moon bay.
Puerto PirĂ¡mide.
Stretch the legs.
Rainbow house on southern shore.
Fish fry on a windswept nowhere beach.
Then back on a nowhere road.
Punta Norte or bust.
We make it to the point.
A dusty, cliffside, chaparral point,
with big ogre sea lions.
Deep clean breathe.
Back in the little Chevy ride.
Stones re-flying.
Sheep still spying.
Cattle grate.
Punta Norte AND bust.
Tire bust.
Tire rolling in different direction bust,
on the other side of the road.
3 wheel car.
Oh shit middle of nowhere.
More laughter.
Abandon car.
Hitch hiking.
Canadian couple VW rescue ride.
Back to civilization.

ship graveyard

wide open road

Puerto PirĂ¡mide

discovering old rainbow house

something to climb on

a window in a window in a window

feeling small

"Gorilla" Bay

Punta Norte

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Car Steve said...

One word for you! "Beautiful"

Annie said...

This is seriously beautiful :)