Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Southern Loop - Day 8 - Cape Horn


450 miles from Antarctica.
With the wind scowling,
we run the Horn,
and dance with the two oceans.
South of South.

On Day 8 of the 'Loop' I found myself for a moment completely south of South America. Cape Horn, a Chilean Island that lies just 450 miles north of Antarctica, is the place where the continent of South America ends and the two titans of the Pacific and Atlantic meet face to face. With the wind howling and a cocktail mix of two oceans surrounding us, our ship "ran the Horn" (circled the island). It was a strange thing to see and do. It wasn't strange to circle an island in a ship, but it was strange to be in a place that until now was just some extreme point on the shadowy bottom of a light-blue spinning, cardboard globe, or a little thought about answer on a 4th grade history test. The rawness of this place sits virtually unchanged since the discovery of its existence hundreds of years ago, and in its solemn desolation I couldn't help but feel like I was somehow moving, drifting through the shipwrecked ghosts of history.

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Clay Shanks said...

Should have had Runnin' with the Devil blasting through the headphones as you rounded the cape.