Wednesday, July 15, 2009

28 Hours Later

"This is your Captain speaking...Welcome to the United States of America."

After 28 hours that included a 45 minute taxi ride, 3 planes, one three hour delay on the tarmac, crossing the equator, flying from the East Coast to the West Coast, the cities of Buenos Aires, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco, a 20 minute ride on the BART, and a 15 minute walk to a friends house will all the luggage, I am finally taking a deep breath and breathing in Californian air. During this crazy long trip these are some of the things I've noticed:

  • It's warm here.

  • I have a love-hate relationship with my u-shaped airline neck pillow.

  • It is amusing to see the contents of a seven year old girl's pink Barbie bag dumped out and checked for WMD's by a large mustached security guard.

  • It was good to see the good ol' brown skies of L.A. and the augmented views beneath it.

  • I can speak to strangers English.

  • It's 2009 and I could be 10 feet away from the gate agent talking on the PA system and the speakers still make it sound like she's sending communiqué from Saturn...through her ass.

  • 3 take-offs, 3 landings, and 3 "single-serving friends" is probably too much for one day.

  • It's good to see black people again. America is an incredibly diverse country.

  • I'm kinda over using airplane bathrooms for awhile. I don't understand how can have to go so badly in my seat, but after I make the grand isle walk in front of everyone, and I'm standing in that sanitary plastic, vibrating, slanted-ceiling closet in the sky I have to spend three and half minutes talking myself into letting go of all the terrorist-free bottled airport water I've been drinking.

  • After one day in the confines of a secure cookie cutter airport community, I feel ok about blogging about going to the bathroom.

  • I feel called to complain about arriving 6 hours late in San Francisco but then I remember the comedian Louis CK and think about how I just jumped the eqautor and like five fucking time zones, not to mention the fact I was flying there the fucking air, I guess I got some time to spare.

  • And lastly, I need a shower.

It's good to be home...

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For more on how we first ended up in Buenos Aires check out the first post of Harmony and Dissonance.

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Danny G said...

Good post. Funny stuff. Happy to oblige by the way. :-) See you Friday night!

robjh1 said...

Glad to have you back. Funny posting.

jess said...

so how long are you in the states? is there a trip to AZ in the plans??? would love to see you!