Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sketch of the Day: La Boca

La Boca
The above sketch was inspired by a visit to the neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires, specifically the area of it known as Caminito.

La Boca

Next to the murky waters

of an old port canal
we walk on cobblestone

through corrugated tin colors.
Accordians and meaty grills

waft in the damp air.

Vendors line the streets

selling tourist trinkets.
I look for something

amidst the pulsing square.

Something that isn't frill.

Finally I find it

hovering like a ghost

in the reverence

of an old man

and his polished violin.

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For more on how I first ended up in Buenos Aires check out the first post of Harmony and Dissonance.


GodLuck Organizers said...

wow Jimmy - this is amazing! thanks for sharing!

Jimmy Danko said...

And thank you for checking it out!