Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Painting | Orange Crush Retrograde

Orange Crush Retrograde

Orange Crush Retrograde - Panel 1 of 3

Orange Crush Retrograde - Panel 2 of 3

Orange Crush Retrograde - Panel 3 of 3

Retrograde Series

In late 2009 I started a group of multi-paneled paintings called the Retrograde Series. The paintings are an exploration of the memories, questions, sights, sounds, tastes of my youth, and their juxtaposition against each other, and the world around me decades later.

With Orange Crush Retrograde I dive down that rabbit hole once more. A memory of sitting on a bar stool next to my Grandfather, feet dangling high above the floor drinking an Orange Crush soda, blends with a memory of hearing Madonna tell Dick Clark that she wanted to "rule the world". I wonder about the long and short term effects of war being a constant backdrop to the American paradigm, and that butts up against the fondness I had for my armies of little plastic men.

The composition is split into panels and cropped to exaggerate the idea that no one part of the composition is supposed to make a clear definitive conclusion about what the images mean as a whole. The hope is that something new exists for each viewer, and it is up to the individual to decide what answers exist within.

(See the first piece in the series, "Bazooka Retrograde", here)

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