Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Lost Blog Post: A Midnight Ride - Part 1

Captain's log: South American Stardate: Thursday June 3rd, 2010

My friend and partner in crime in Buenos Aires, who goes by the alias Hobozero, is over at the house. Both of our girlfriends are out of town. Well that seems kind of like an understatement. They are out of country. Hmmm...let's try one more time. They are out of continent. Both departed on month long trips back to the States at nearly the same time, leaving the two of us to fend for ourselves in Argentina.

Hobozero biked over here toting his laptop around 5pm, just before sunset. He came seeking a cure for the "energy blues". Working electricity. The barrio he lives in, along with 3 or 4 others, are without power right now. More than a tenth of the city, or roughly a million people. Certain parts of the Buenos Aires, mainly during the summer, are prone to blackouts, however this outage is a slightly bigger beast. They say 24-48 hours before it's fixed. As night falls we scope out the skyline from my terrace. The sky is overcast, the air damp, and across town we can see a chunk of the city veiled in a foggy darkness.

Sketch of the Day: Back of Subway Pass #4

With Casa de Danko pumping full power we try for a few hours to get some work done, me painting and him programming, but fail. We have never tried working in each other's presence before. While I think it could happen, this time we didn't even get close. What 'fail' looks like tonight is me eating leftover spaghetti, making Hobozero cheesy-scrambled eggs, watching The Shining, and then watching/discussing various important YouTube video's like the Techno Viking and Harmony Korine's first and third appearances on Letterman. Good times.

At about 11pm we throw around the idea of biking over to the area of the city without power, the "dead zone" as we call it, and exploring the concrete abyss. To make things a little more interesting I suggest taking the roman candle that's been sitting on the kitchen table, patiently waiting to be used. An hour later, after wrenching on my skewed back wheel of my bike in preparation for the ride, we're out the door and into the night streets at midnight.

To be continued...

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For more on how I first ended up in Buenos Aires check out the first post of Harmony and Dissonance.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

DANK Video | "Spray Paint Can #2" | Music by These United States

My first attempt at making a time-lapsed video with a painting.
Hope you dig it.

Music In The Video
For the past few months I've had the pleasure/honor of working with Jesse Elliott, and the rest of the hardworking gents of the band These United States, creating the artwork for their upcoming album that's set to drop later this summer (winter if you're in the Southern Hemisphere with me). During that time I gave up trying to figure out which of their first three albums is the most magically delicious. The song in this video, "Night & the Revolution", is off their last album Everything Touches Everything. If you haven't had a chance to see these guys play yet you're in luck. They've been playing close to 200 shows a year so chances are they'll be in your neck of the woods soon.

You can find all of the latest 411 on These United States at following places: Official Website, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and last.fm.

Spray Paint Can #2

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For more on how I first ended up in Buenos Aires check out the first post of Harmony and Dissonance.