Friday, July 30, 2010

Secret Project: What Lasts

Album Cover - What Lasts
The album cover

For a good part of early 2010 I had a "secret" project in the works. Last week that project saw the public eye for the first time when the band These United States released their new album What Lasts.

Back in February, through the new wonderland of social media, I was contacted by the lead singer and amazing lyricist of These United States, Jesse Elliott. Him and the crew were in search of someone to come up with artwork for their next album, had heard about my work (thank you MsBojangles), and wanted to know if I'd be willing to take a crack at it.

My answer: Hell Yes.

A couple weeks later a package arrived at our door here in Buenos Aires. In it was the band's first three albums. Over the months that followed, whether I was working on the cd package, the vinyl, or the t-shirts, it was those tunes that were rambling through my ear buds, and I'm sure slightly shaping what was coming to life.

A big thanks to the whole T.U.S. crew for making this thing a blast to work on. And an especially big shout out to Sarah Law. I couldn't have done what I did without her amazing photography. The pics below are a sampling of some of the work created for the project. I'd show you more...but now you've got one more reason to pick up their new album.

What Lasts - The full painting for the album cover
What Lasts - original painting created for album cover

Jesse Elliott - These United States
Colored pencil drawing of Jesse Elliott of These United States

Justin Craig - These United States
Colored pencil drawing of Justin Craig of These United States

Colin Kellogg - These United States
Colored pencil drawing of Colin Kellogg of These United States
Robby Cosenza - These United States
Colored pencil drawing of Robby Cosenza of These United States
J. Tom Hnatow - These United States
Colored pencil drawing of J. Tom Hnatow of These United States
These United States T-shirt
T-shirt designed for the release of the album

You can purchase all of your These United States goods at their online store here.

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Anonymous said...

This is really cool. All I can say is I look forward to the day, years from now, when I can tell my grandkids "back in the day, I used to play dodgeball with the artist Jimmy Danko, can you believe that?"
And then they'll roll their eyes at me and say "Uh huh, sure grandpa. Here, why don't you take your dementia pills".
- Matt D.

Amy Hood said...

All of your work is amazing! Touché, Jimmy. Touché.

Jimmy Danko said...

@Matt...we need to play more dodgeball.

@Amy...ha, thanks. I'm digging your work too. Keep it up.