Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DANK Video | “Never Yawn″ | Music by Manuok

Felt like drawing an astronaut...

Music In The Video
ALBUM RELEASE! The 5th Dank art video coincides with the release of Manuok's latest album, "The Old Horse". The brain child of the talented Scott Mercado, Manuok was a band I had the delight of seeing play multiple times when I lived in San Diego. The song in the video "Warship" is off their second album No End To Limitations. While I'll have to wait until I move back to the States before I see them play live again, I'm stoked that today I'll get to taste a whole new version of the magic Mr. Mercado and his crew have been making.

You can get the new album, along with news and tour dates, at www.manuok.com

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Never Yawn

page 5 of On The Road by Jack Kerouac

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nervs said...

hi - on the road - nice1

i don't enjoy2type
but via blip.fm
inspired my own blog

but thats not important-
wish i could ask u bunches of questions bout on the road

maybe soon ,