Thursday, August 19, 2010

DANK Video | “Unsilent Statue″ | Music by Absofacto

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Took the long way to the studio one day and walked by a statue...

Music In The Video
While listening to, and right about the time I did this drawing, I came across the band Absofacto (Thank you @kristenboyd). The specific song was No Power. After hearing it the quest to find out where I could consume more Absofacto deliciousness began. With a few clicks I found what I was looking for, and with a couple more learned that it's the side project of the talented Jonathan Visger of Mason Proper (another tasty band). Both are definitely worth taking the time to get to know.

You can download the song in the video, "Palinopsia", along with the rest of the Absofacto goodness at

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Sketch of the Day 8-8-2010: Unsilent Statue
original statue
The statue that inspired the sketch (I love the empty wine bottle in his hand).

Currently Listening To:
Song: No Power (listen)
Artist: Absofacto (official website)

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