Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things That Never Get Old

On the list of Things That Never Get Old, somewhere near the top has to be "Getting a care package from Mom".

Care Package

I have only been able to visit the States twice in the last 2 and half years so getting a box in the mail from home more than makes my day. The awesomeness that traveled the distance, over 5600 miles (9100km), was a handwritten letter, my favorite gum (that I can't buy down here) and some of my crayons from when I was a little kid.

If I had to trace back my artistic roots they would most likely lead back to an old ice cream bucket full of crayons that my sisters and I shared growing up. When our green and yellow Crayola boxes wore out the bucket was what all the waxy goodness got dumped into. A seemingly never-ending supply of color always at the ready to pillage and plunder the pages of innocent coloring books. It's awesome to see and smell some of them hold a piece of "home". Thank you Mom. Your drawing for the fridge will be on its way soon.

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