Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Thanksgiving Abroad

And so passes another Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires. The third for Annie and I. It is always an interesting thing to be celebrating the biggest, purely American holiday in another country, and in the southern hemisphere. Even though Christmas is around the corner, the leaves outside are newly flushed green, and the late-spring temps push into the mid-80's.

We threw the bash at our apartment again this year, with Annie working her magic in the kitchen, and guests potlucking their way through the doors. Numerous countries and close to twenty US states were represented by those in attendance. Even the two turkeys, which had to be specially ordered, came from Brazil.

I'd say this one was our last Thanksgiving in Argentina but I'm pretty certain I said that last year, so I'll refrain from making any predictions. What I do know is that it was thoroughly awesome to be able share a juicy slice of home, with friends old and new, on a day that in Argentina is just another Thursday in November.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

STREET | Halloween Pacman Ghosts

Halloween Pacman Ghost
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Went for a Halloween walk with a ghost and some paint.

Pacman Ghost 004BPacman Ghost 004CPacman Ghost 004DPacman Ghost 004EPacman Ghost Stencil

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