Thursday, December 30, 2010

DANK Video 011 | Station Wagon Spaceship | Music by JOE PURDY

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When I was little, my spaceship was a broke down 1976 Ford station wagon...

This American by Joe Purdy
ARTIST: Joe Purdy
ALBUM: This American
SONG: Ride Off On A Cloud

For years I've been listening to the music of singer/songwriter Joe Purdy. In those quiet moments while driving home from work or while making the brushes dance in the studio, his lyrical stories and tunes found a way of pulling me in. This last drawing of mine, Station Wagon Spaceship, revolves around a story, so I was stoked when Joe said I could use his song for the video.

By choice Joe's records are self-released, and what he's been able to accomplish as an independent musician speaks to the quality of his craft. The song in the video, "Ride Off On A Cloud", is off of Joe Purdy's latest album This American. The entire album, including that song, can be downloaded for free on his site through the end 2010. Check it out. Get the latest Joe Purdy news and goodness online at the following places:

Station Wagon Spaceship

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Monday, December 27, 2010

A New Gorilla...a New Stencil

A few months ago I came up with a new design for the Gorilla Stickers. After almost 8 years it was time for the hairy beast to evolve a bit. I first released this new ape via a couple of paintings (see below), and then recently the stencil version was let loose in the city.

Keep an eye out in's only a matter of time before the new Gorilla Stickers, T-shirts, etc...start showing their face too.

Read the story behind the original Gorilla Sticker here.

The Gorilla #1
Sidewalk Gorilla
Gorilla Stencil
The Orange Gorilla painting

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Friday, December 17, 2010

DANK Video 010 | Three Gorillas | Music by WHITE ARROWS

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An experiment with latex paint...

Coming Or Going (RAC Mix)
ARTIST: White Arrows
ALBUM: Coming Or Going (RAC Mix) Single
SONG: Coming Or Going (RAC Mix)

A few months ago my friend Creeping Elm introduced to the tunes of the WHITE ARROWS and they've been echoing off my studio walls ever since. Originating in NY and now calling LA home, this is definitely a band I'm looking forward to checking out once I get back to Socal. The song in the video, "Coming Or Going (RAC Mix)", along with the rest of the White Arrows discography is available on their website here. The White Arrows can also be found in the following places:

The three gorilla paintings were inspired by a stencil I made about a month ago. Rather than just letting the beast live out on the streets of Buenos Aires, I thought I'd domesticate him and let him live on indoor walls.

15" x 20" (38cm x 51cm)
Latex paint on wood panel

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