Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cape of Good Hope

Couch surf.
Weet-Bix for breakfast.
Coastal day trip.
Past the ostriches.
Till there is no more South.
To the end of Africa.
To baboonville.
Along towering cliffs,
and WWII bunkers.
Up the stairs to the old lighthouse,
and international stone signatures.
Crashing waves below.
Cape Point.
Cape of Good Hope.

Sketchbook - Baboons

Cape Point CliffsThe cliffs at Cape Point

Cape of Good Hope wild ostrichesWild ostriches at the Cape of Good Hope

Gorilla Sticker Sighting 0078 - Cape Point LookoutGorilla Sticker Sighting 0078 - Cape Point Lookout

Cape Point LighthousesCape Point Lighthouse

Sketchbook - Cape Point Lighthouse

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allison wonderland said...

i like how you are reading the The Road while on it. Thats been on my "to read" list for awhile now....let me know what you think. Happy trails!