Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1000

Today is day number 1000 since moving away from the U.S., from home, to experience living abroad and seeing the world from another perspective. To tell the truth I didn't expect there to be a Day 1000. I thought we would have made it home by now. And I for sure didn't expect the one thousandth day to be Day #1 of a road trip through South Africa, but if I've learned anything throughout all of these days about living abroad it's that life is unpredictable and you never know what any 24 hour period is going to bring, pleasant or otherwise.

I've learned to more quickly adapt to life without. The internet not working. A subway line shutdown. Soy milk out of stock at the grocery store (for 2 months). Or, like last week, the power going out and getting stuck in a pitch black elevator for 15 minutes (felt like an hour) 14 floors up (thought I was going to die). While living in Argentina I've learned I can rely on myself, my partner and my friends here, and that's about it. On the flip side I've also learned that with that uncertainty there are bright moments that unexpectedly surface as well. An email from a stranger who saw the Gorilla Sticker and wants to buy a painting. Or after not leaving the city limits of Buenos Aires for literally a year I suddenly find myself in South Africa for a month.

How long past 1000 days will our sojourn in South America go? I have no idea. Right now my only goal is to make it to Cape Town in one piece sometime tomorrow. What I do know is that I miss home (the States, friends and family) a ton, and if the stars were aligned for it I'd move home right now. Time has yet to deal that card however, and until it does I'm just going to keep trying to take it all in, and keep soldiering on with my art and the Orange Gorilla.

my first glimpse of Africa

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