Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Complete South African Sketchbook

Spent a month traveling through South Africa. This is the sketchbook from the trip.

(Having trouble viewing the images? They can also be seen here.)
The Complete South African SketchbookThe Complete South African Sketchbook


Front & Back CoverFront & Back Cover

Road Trip Day 2 & 3
Cape Point Lighthouse
The Waterfront
Robben Island
The (un)Official Car of South Africa
Coffee Bay
Cape Town to Durban
Cape Agulhas
Jeffreys Bay & Hogsback
Pass Right Keep Left
Umhlanga Pier
English Decoder & Final Leg of Trip
Secret Pocket
If Found

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Jack Large said...

Thanks for sharing your sketchbook Jimmy. Guys like you should get to travel for free.

Jimmy Danko said...

You're comment made my day. Thanks Jack. Glad you dug it.

Anonymous said...

Spaniard Approved

Sam Doe said...

it seems i lost the ability to appreciate whats on my own doorstep until I came across someone as brilliant and talented as you who sketches out how bloody fantastic my country is...thanks for visiting SA and making the most amazing keepsake. ever thought of getting it published...for others to take home with them? i def want one! i live in umhlanga...so the pier made my day!!

Jimmy Danko said...

Sam...thank you for your kind words. Really glad you dug the sketches. S.A. was an amazing place with amazing people and I feel fortunate to have had the chance to spend some time there and check it out. I'd like to publish a book of my sketches at some point...and I will very likely include the South African collection with them when that happens!