Thursday, June 30, 2011

DANKO Video 012 | Skatepark Yeti | Music by Say Hi

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One of my copilots is a yeti.


Discosadness by Say Hi

ALBUM: Discosadness
SONG: Unless the Laker Game Was On

The song in Skatepark Yeti comes from the one-man band Say Hi (formerly Say Hi To Your Mom). While you might see Say Hi touring as a full band, when its time to make the music the man behind it all is Eric Elbogen. The song "Unless the Laker Game Was On" is a hidden gem off of his 2002 debut album Discosadness. What has Eric been doing since that first album? Staying busy making fantastical tunes. Say Hi just released it's 8th album - Um, Oh Oh. Check out one of his latest tracks, "Devils", here. You can get the latest Eric Elbogen and Say Hi news and goodness online at the following places:


Skatepark Yeti
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Rock The Cradle 2010 by Groovehouse Photography

The image above used for reference comes from the lens of the talented photographer Eric Sauseda. I'm a huge fan of Eric's work, particularly his when it comes to skateboarding and music, so I feel fortunate to have collaborated with him on this piece. You can check out more of Eric's photographic awesomeness at Groovehouse Photography or catch him on twitter at @groovehouse.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Iguazu Falls

Double-decker red-eye bus ride.
An 18 hour pilgrimage North,
out of the cold gray city,
to see "the falls" under moonlight.
We roll into the highway night
with mysterious styrofoam bus food.
Headlights and sleep strobe by.
We wake up warmer.
Closer to the equator.
The roads are reddish brown.
Everything else is green.
Jungle green.

For the entire 3 years we've been living in Buenos Aires, we've been talking about making a trip to the Iguazu Falls which lie on the border of Argentina and Brazil. It's one of those must do things if you're down here for more than a week. With our time in Argentina drawing to a close, we figured we better get off our asses (then get back on them for an 18 hour bus ride) and check this one off the "bucket list". We planned our jaunt out of the city around the full moon. Seeing the falls during the day is an experience by itself, however, we heard seeing them at night, lit only by the moon, was insane. And it was.

Devil's ThroatAbove: Devil's Throat...the biggest, craziest part of the falls.

Iguazu Falls Under Full MoonAbove: Devil's Throat under the full moon. I took two long exposure shots to make the panorama. The lights on the other side come from the Brazilian side of the falls.

Iguazu Falls

Gorilla Sticker Sighting #0134 - Iguazu FallsGorilla Sticker Sighting #0134 - Devil's Throat - Iguazu Falls, Argentina

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