Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Mohawk's First Birthday

The Mohawk
My Mohawk turned a year old the other day.
These are 10 things I've learned in that year.

1. Even though it seems totally obvious, it took me a month to remember that after getting out of the shower it's easier if I put my shirt on first before styling it.
2. Like cat whiskers, it's kept me from banging my head on low-hanging door frames more than once.
3. The only hair gel I've found in Argentina that works is appropriately named "L'Oréal Studio Indestructible".
4. Old guys seem more scared of it than old ladies.
5. It does not fit well in the backseat of most taxi cabs in Buenos Aires.
6. It does not help keep my head warm during the winter.
7. It's name is Apollo Creed. (no legitimate reasoning behind that. It just feels right.)
8. After a year, Apollo's shadow still makes me laugh when I randomly see it on the wall next to me.
9. It helps to have a best friend who's a rockstar at trimming it.
10. For the first time in my life I blow dry my hair...and I'm ok with that.
The Mohawk #2
Mohawk Silhouette
Mohawk Shadow
My Barber
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Beginning of the End

Today marks the three year anniversary of moving to Argentina. When we left the United States we had no idea when, or even if, we would return. Not because we didn't love or appreciate the place we came from, but because when we left we didn't want to put any limits on what the adventure we were setting out on could be. However, our "indefinite" time in South America is now drawing to a close. After three years of living in opposite seasons in the southern hemisphere, in this big crazy amazing city, some time in the next two months we'll be headed back north on a one way trip bound for Los Angeles.

As it works out, this anniversary marks the beginning of our final chapter of living in Buenos Aires. Last week Gallery 24B (our apartment), and the artwork within it, saw its last visitors, and before the weekend was over a sea of corrugation had slowly started to spread through the apartment as packing and preparations began for the impending international move.

As we see friends now, some for the last time, they ask if I'm excited to be moving back. My usual response is usually "shit yeah". I can't wait to stuff my face with some New York style pizza, or hang with my family for the holidays (hasn't happened since 2007), however, I'm trying not to let my mind go there quite yet. The time for that will come soon enough. Instead I just try to stay in the moment, and keep taking in the experience of living in a foreign land as long as I can - my last few moments of being an least for now.

Three Year SunriseAbove: Sunrise over Buenos Aires this morning.

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