Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Mohawk's First Birthday

The Mohawk
My Mohawk turned a year old the other day.
These are 10 things I've learned in that year.

1. Even though it seems totally obvious, it took me a month to remember that after getting out of the shower it's easier if I put my shirt on first before styling it.
2. Like cat whiskers, it's kept me from banging my head on low-hanging door frames more than once.
3. The only hair gel I've found in Argentina that works is appropriately named "L'Oréal Studio Indestructible".
4. Old guys seem more scared of it than old ladies.
5. It does not fit well in the backseat of most taxi cabs in Buenos Aires.
6. It does not help keep my head warm during the winter.
7. It's name is Apollo Creed. (no legitimate reasoning behind that. It just feels right.)
8. After a year, Apollo's shadow still makes me laugh when I randomly see it on the wall next to me.
9. It helps to have a best friend who's a rockstar at trimming it.
10. For the first time in my life I blow dry my hair...and I'm ok with that.
The Mohawk #2
Mohawk Silhouette
Mohawk Shadow
My Barber
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Shredder said...

Happy Birthday Apollo Creed! :)

Anonymous said...

This post changed my life!

Patrick said...

Stick and move... stick and move! Happy Birthday Creed.
(ain't gonna be no rematch!)

mstodola said...

What a cute little mohawk. Already one! What a big boy...yes, yes, yes, such a big boy!!!

Jimmy Danko said...

Apollo says thanks for all the mohawk birthday love!