Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Gorilla Stickers!

The new Danko Gorilla Stickers are officially here and making their way around the world! The original Gorilla Sticker first rolled off the press and began wondering the globe in 2003. After 8 years I figured it was time to give the orange guy a new face. (You can read the entire story behind the Danko Gorilla Sticker here.)
Pile of GorillaPile of Gorilla

The Gorilla Sticker World Map header
The Gorilla Sticker World Map header
Click on the "G's" to see individual Gorilla Sticker pics.
View the Gorilla Sticker World Map on its own page.
View the entire album of Gorilla Sticker pics.
Below: The painting that inspired the new design.
The Orange Gorilla painting

Free Stickers

Danko Gorilla Stickers are printed by Sticker Guy. Big props to the crew over there for always doing a kickass job on The Beast.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! Hope you enjoy all these year in my home country. Great art too! Sad I won't be able to see it personally. I am moving back from Washington to Buenos Aires after nine years.

Jimmy Danko said...

thanks for all the props! bummer are paths won't cross, but if you ever make it out to L.A. definitely look up the Gorilla!