Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remember Studio Alamo

It's my last day renting a room above a bar in Buenos Aires as my art studio. The room sits empty today, void of easels and brushes, looking more like its previous incarnation of a dry-humped old hostel room.

Last Day In Studio Alamo

I suppose the art I created here will be my biggest takeaway from my 14 months in the space, although being above one of the city's popular (excessive) drinking holes definitely added a twist of lime and spritz of seltzer to my time here that I won't soon forget. Like the mornings when I'd cut through the bottom floors and was able to tell how crazy the previous night's clientele were by the degree to which my shoes stuck to the floor. Of course I won't miss the other days when a smell of barf hung in the air just a little too long, but thankfully that phenomenon was infrequent enough that other aspects of the experience like a presumably strengthened immune system or ability to sit at a bar "where everybody knows your name" easily canceled it out.

Left On the Windowsill
Above: Left behind on the windowsill

In the end the irony of it all makes me grin. The Gorilla and I made our final stand in Buenos Aires at an American owned bar called The Alamo. Thankfully though, unlike Davy Crockett and his comrades, in this demented version of the tale Jimmy and his Ape Army are able to survive the battle and have their deranged adventures continue on as they head back north across the equator pillaging and plundering towns and villages and leaving the Orange Gorilla in their wake. Or at least something like that. The ending is still a work in progress.

Gorilla Sticker Sighting #158 - Pillaging & Plundering
Above: Gorilla Sticker Sighting #158 - "Pillaging & Plundering"

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cheesy Radioactive Crack

Cheesy Radioactive Crack

Recently I was gifted a packet of gigantic smile-producing Kraft Macaroni & Cheese mix from my friend Ryan. Now, I should say that if I was home in the States, even though I grew up on it and it sustained me through college (the spirals are my fave), it's highly unlikely that I would buy a box of processed mac & cheese at the store, and this little white packet would be as weird a gift as the yellow-orangish, powdery contents that are within it.

However here in Argentina, coming across this cheesy packet reminds me of the scene in the post-apocalyptic movie The Road where father and son wayfarers come across something neither had seen in years - a can of Coke. Instead of stumbling upon a can of carbonated sugar water, it was like they had discovered a coveted magic elixir that was to be cherished.

It was similar when I mixed my pot of noodles today with this rare and elusive Kraft Mac & Cheese mix bestowed upon me from Ryan. My friend didn't give me a packet of unnatural powder that makes noodles a frightening radioactive orange color. Instead he gave me a packet of "awesome" which made my noodles into cheesy euphoric crack that momentarily brought me home. And that is quite a gift.

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