Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cheesy Radioactive Crack

Cheesy Radioactive Crack

Recently I was gifted a packet of gigantic smile-producing Kraft Macaroni & Cheese mix from my friend Ryan. Now, I should say that if I was home in the States, even though I grew up on it and it sustained me through college (the spirals are my fave), it's highly unlikely that I would buy a box of processed mac & cheese at the store, and this little white packet would be as weird a gift as the yellow-orangish, powdery contents that are within it.

However here in Argentina, coming across this cheesy packet reminds me of the scene in the post-apocalyptic movie The Road where father and son wayfarers come across something neither had seen in years - a can of Coke. Instead of stumbling upon a can of carbonated sugar water, it was like they had discovered a coveted magic elixir that was to be cherished.

It was similar when I mixed my pot of noodles today with this rare and elusive Kraft Mac & Cheese mix bestowed upon me from Ryan. My friend didn't give me a packet of unnatural powder that makes noodles a frightening radioactive orange color. Instead he gave me a packet of "awesome" which made my noodles into cheesy euphoric crack that momentarily brought me home. And that is quite a gift.

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Beatrice M said...

Crack indeed. That tangy MSG - fond childhood memories.